Kannada film, directed by P Sheshadri & produced by Navyachitra Creations.

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About Vimukthi


Madhavi is a lone daughter of Keshavarao, an exponent of the traditional Mysore paintings. Denied of motherly love very early in her life, Madhavi develops a strange feeling for her father during her formative years. It is an obsession bordering on insanity. Her unusual feelings, which should have subsided with time, remain dormant in her psyche. This movie explores what noted psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud calls Electra Complex, which is a sort of unresolved attraction a daughter feels for her father. Directed by noted award-winning Director P. Sheshadri, this movie won the 2008 National Award for the Best Regional Film. The movie stars Bhavana and Ramakrishna, with music from Praveen Godkindi.


Language Kannada
Director P Sheshadri
Producer Navyachitra Creations
Music Praveen Godkindi
Cast Aravind, Bhavana, Hoda, Ramakrishna
Crew Ramachandra S, B S Kemparaju
Runtime 117 minutes
Target Audience Parental Guidance for children below the age of 12 years (U/A)
Film format BLURAY
Subtitles None

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