Kannada film, directed by Rishika Sharma & produced by Rajesh Bhat.

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About Trunk


This movie is a horror-psychological thriller, based on the true story of a humble family from North Karnataka. Revolving around a mysterious trunk that is seemingly possessed, this edge-of-the-seat thriller shows how Rahul and his family fight against the inhuman forces. This is Director Rishika Sharma's debut film that introduces actor Nihal Rajput in a lead role paired opposite Vaishali Deepak and also uses a real ghost hunter team called TRAPS in its narrative. This is Rajesh Bhat's third film as a producer, who has also played a role in it. Veteran actors Sundarashree and Aruna Balaraj have delivered powerful performances in this film.


Language Kannada
Director Rishika Sharma
Producer Rajesh Bhat
Music Kartik, Pradeep, Ganeshan
Cast Nihal Rajput, Vaishali Deepak, Aruna Balaraj, Sundarashree, Rajesh Bhat
Crew Albin Dominic, Krishnanunni, Hemanth Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Bajarang Konatham & Sundeep Aluri
Runtime 138 minutes
Target Audience Restricted to Adults (A)
Film format DCP
Subtitles English


"We loved the privacy. It was just us and the movie. Great sound, great visuals. Horror films work best when we can enjoy the intense sounds and silence equally. Being a private space, we get to have both. It's a fantastic place to enjoy the film in private!"
- Group of friends & family, #TRUNK movie fans

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