24th April 2018

Phani is a software professional. He is Associate Vice President – Product Development at Temenos India and also a Passionate Weekend Filmmaker.

Every weekend, he gathers with his group of friends and makes films. They have also made a full length feature film and had got Pawan Kumar to recommend it!!

Phani is so passionate about film-making that he has an entire studio setup at his home – complete with DI, Editing and Mixing equipments.

Recently he screened his short film at TERIFLIX for his friends and friends of friends. He says that screening his film at TERIFLIX allowed him to get far better feedback than uploading it on YouTube and waiting for comments.

29th March 2018

Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah enjoyed a private preview of upcoming Kannada horror film TRUNK. After watching the film he had only nice things to say about the film and about TERIFLIX.

17th March 2018

Film actors, directors, producers, music directors, sound engineers, actors, distributors and several other people from the film-making world have visited TERIFLIX and have expressed their appreciation for it. We thank them for their patronage.

Are you a film-maker? Come experience your film at TERIFLIX soon. You will love what you have created even more!

5th March 2018

Mr. Sudhir is a film distributor who distributes Universal, Paramount Films in addition to Hindi and Telugu Films in Karnataka.

He had come to TERIFLIX at the invitation of a film-producer to preview their film and consider being a distributor for it. He loved the theater, its personal appeal, audio and video quality.

He signs off by saying – “I look forward to many more screenings in this place in the near future.”

25th February 2018

Nihal Rajput is lead actor in the upcoming Kannada film TRUNK. Rishika Sharma is director of the film and Rajesh Bhat has produced the film.

The film has been in the works for the last two years. Its title-teaser, audio and video songs are now out. They are preparing to release the film in March 2018.

They invited a group of film critics and commentators to watch the first copy of their film at TERIFLIX and took feedback. Reviewers have given a thumbs-up and it looks like the film is poised to do great at the box-office.

In this video Nihal, Rishika and Rajesh speak about their film and their experience of the first-ever-screening of the film at TERIFLIX.

19th February 2018

A group of friends decided to gift their best bud a horror film at TERIFLIX. Sure there was a cake, but they also added their own special “horror” effects to amplify the scary experience of the film!

5th February 2018

Director Prashant Raj (of hit films Love Guru, Gaana Bajaana and the more recent Zoom) treated his family to a private preview of his upcoming film #Dalapathi. He loved the privacy, ambience and the quality of audio and video systems at TERIFLIX.

Listen to him share his experience and his support for TERIFLIX in this video.

10th January 2018

Raghu Mukherjee is a very popular actor in Kannada Film Industry and has won the titles Grasim Mr. India (2002) and Mr. International (2002). He visited TERIFLIX at the invitation of Krishna Sarthak.

After experiencing the quality of audio/visual systems in the auditorium & checking out the lounge space, he keenly evaluated the idea of TERIFLIX. He loved the idea of “private cinema” and calls upon everybody to try it out.

Thank you for visiting TERIFLIX and sharing your views about it. We hope to host you again sometime!

7th January 2018

Indians staying abroad now have TERIFLIX as a new destination in Bangalore, India to spend quality time with friends & family. During the last holiday season we had a lot of customers who rented TERIFLIX to privately enjoy movies with just their chosen folks.

While many insisted on their time at TERIFLIX to be strictly private, a few of our customers gladly agreed to offer their testimonial to us on video.

Listen them share why they find TERIFLIX a great place.

6th January 2018

Short filmmakers now have an actual theater in Bengaluru where they can preview their short films on the large screen at an affordable price.

Meet Sourabh Kulkarni, a Media Student at Christ University, Bangalore, short filmmaker and an aspiring feature filmmaker. Produced by Jyothi, Sourabh and his team made a 6 minute short film called “ASPASHTA”

They screened the movie at TERIFLIX for an invite-only audience, who were thrilled to watch the movie on the big screen. Sourabh wants to arrange more such screenings in the near future. Listen to him share about his journey.

Congratulations Sourabh and team. Wish you the very best!

30th Dec 2017

Mayuraa Raghavendra​ ( R J Mayuraa​ ) is RJ at 92.7 BIG FM and an independent filmmaker. He screened his latest short film #RishabhaPriya at TERIFLIX and also hosted a Facebook Live event with Sri. #NagathihaLLiChandrashekar Sir releasing the short film on Sakkath Studio​’s YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/45dvaREzJCM).

He says he loves TERIFLIX for the “homely but multiplex experience it provides.

He calls on all short and feature filmmakers to make use of TERIFLIX for screening their movies to small but committed audiences.

Sir, thank you for your patronage. We look forward to hosting you again!

29th Dec 2017

RJ Pradeepaa, whose voice is omnipresent on Radio City and also known bootstrapping Sakkath Studio as a creator and as a platform for original Kannada web-series, recently watched the Kannada short film Rishabha Priya made by RJ Mayur at TERIFLIX.

He says that he had “heard about TERIFLIX a lot from other people” and had always wanted to check it out himself. He says that for people wanting to hangout with their families & friends AND watch a good movie at a far better price point, TERIFLIX is THE place for it.

Listen to him share his take on TERIFLIX in this video.

Thank you RJ Pradeepaa for your kind words.


Fun Fact: Sakkath Studio has filmed part of an episode in its upcoming web-series at TERIFLIX.

29th Dec 2017

P. D. Sathish Chandra, Programming Head at Radio Mirchi, visited during a recent shoot of Sakkath Studio’s new web series that was done at TERIFLIX. After taking a look at the place, he felt great about TERIFLIX and what it has to offer.

He says that TERIFLIX offers a “wonderful cinematographic experience of a movie”

So much so that he says that “to get a real experience of a film, one has to watch it at TERIFLIX”

He signs off with a quote “TERRIFIC experience at TERIFLIX”. Listen to him more on this video.

25th Dec 2017

Vasishta N Simha, star of films like Raja Huli, Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu, Dayavittu Gamanisi, Mufti Kannada Movie and many more, visited TERIFLIX at the invitation of Krishna Sarthak.

He examined the space, previewed a few movie bytes and his own songs and even spent 30 minutes with sharing his excitement about TERIFLIX.

He says that “TERIFLIX is a divine space for movie lovers!

Listen to him share about TERIFLIX in this video.

19th Dec 2017

Ajay Raj who has acted in Shuddhi and in the currently trending Kannada short film #ANJALI from Sakkath Studio visited TERIFLIX last week. Not only was he excited about our venue at Girinagar, he wishes for TERIFLIX to spread all across the nation and become a space for cinephiles to relish movies in the privacy of their own audience.

Thank you Ajay for your kind words.

17th December 2017

Mr. Ramesh Kumar is director of Linux Learning Centre, and an ardent film lover who used to be part of film clubs from Suchitra Film Theater, who now also leads Ham Radio community in this part of the world.

Recently Mr. Ramesh Kumar visited TERIFLIX with his wife Jhinuk Chowdhury, who as freelance journalist writes for Huffington Post and Swarajya Magazine among others.

They enjoyed a movie from their Netflix account at TERIFLIX. Both of them had some very nice feedback about TERIFLIX. Thank you Mr. Ramesh Kumar and Ms. Jhinuk Chowdhury for visiting TERIFLIX.

13th December 2017

B S Pradeep Varma , director of Urvi  and the upcoming Marasim , chose to screen his film at TERIFLIX. It was a private screening just for the beautiful and talented Suman Nagarkar, her husband and ardent Kannada Film lover Gurudev Nagaraja and Poornachandra Tejaswi, popular music director known for LUCIA Kannada Movie  and one of the most trending songs of last year “ಬಾರಿಸು ಕನ್ನಡ ಡಿಂಡಿಮವ“.

Listen to them share their experience of TERIFLIX.

4th December 2017

J Anoop Seelin, the man behind the soulful music of Dayavittu Gamanisi and many others, visited TERIFLIX today. We have never had a guest who evaluated technical aspects of the auditorium as much as Anoop. He examined the location of speakers, the brands we have used, the quality of our amplifier, the quality of acoustic materials used and the amount of echo in the room (a bit of which is required for relishing the cinematic feel of movies). He listened to songs from his recent hit Dayavittu Gamanisi and loved its rendition in TERIFLIX. Listen to him share his excitement about TERIFLIX in this video.

4th December 2017

B R Naveen Kumar, a well known sound engineer in Kannada Film Industry, visited TERIFLIX to evaluate the sound system for the upcoming screening of Dayavittu Gamanisi on the 9th. Listen to him share his liking and excitement about TERIFLIX!

18th November 2017

Director Rohit Padaki visited TERIFLIX with producer Krishna Sarthak. They have really hit gold with their recent movie Dayavittu Gamanisi (ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಗಮನಿಸಿ), which is running successfully all over and is earning praise from audiences & critics alike.

In this video Rohit shares his excitement about TERIFLIX and explains why he feels spaces like this are wonderful for film lovers and makers alike.

17th November 2017

Senior executives from a large software company in Basavanagudi choose to celebrate birthday of a colleague, indulge in conversations and laughter and watch a movie together at TERIFLIX.

29th October 2017

Meera Krishna has been practicing Tai Chi for the last 9 years. She also teaches Tai Chi at the NMKRV College Grounds, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

She is a fan of the 2006 movie Peaceful Warrior, which is a movie adaptation of the book “Way Of The Peaceful Warrior” from Dan Millman published in 1980.

The movie follows the life of Dan Millman, from being a self centered gymnast who has a real shot at making to the Olympic team, to losing it all in a freak accident, to developing friendship with Socrates and profoundly discovering what it means to live in the present moment.

As a Tai Chi teacher, Meera wanted to watch this movie with her students in an actual theater. Thrilled about its availability on Netflix, she brought her students to TERIFLIX and watched the movie there from her Netflix account.

15th October 2017

Madhu and Ajith are producers of Kannada Feature Film Days Of Borapura. After scouting a lot of venues, they finally chose TERIFLIX to preview their film to and have business conversations with potential distributors.

5th October 2017

We had a great month #1. Lot of people acquired the TERIFLIX experience and really enjoyed it. Listen to what some of our patrons had to say about TERIFLIX.

PS: Apologies for the grainy video 😐

23rd Sep 2017

Krishna Sarthak, producer of upcoming Kannada Feature Film ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಗಮನಿಸಿ, visited TERIFLIX last weekend. He shares his experience and views about it.

With him, film maker Rajesh Bhat and one of censorship consultants in KFI, Shivu also share their views.

22nd Sep 2017

Shiva Jayagopal, Director at WinVinaya Infosystems, decided to do something different for his wife’s (Akila) birthday this time. He decided to gift her the TERIFLIX experience.

He booked 3 hours at TERIFLIX and opted to watch “Special 26” from his Netflix account with his family. As a surprise to Akila, he and his children wished her a large “Happy Birthday”. As soon as they entered the auditorium, what was waiting for her was a personalised photo stream projected on the large screen.

For the interval break, he had ordered in a cake specially made for her and they all relished it in the lounge.

In all they had a great evening at TERIFLIX.

15th Sep 2017

TERIFLIX is open for bookings from 4th September. Our early adopters share about their experience in TERIFLIX.

10th Sep 2017

Ravi Shankar (Twitter), maker of India’s first animation film Punyakoti (Twitter), visited TERIFLIX last weekend with his family. He feels that TERIFLIX is a space for families to come together and connect. He says – “TERIFLIX is not just a box with a screen, it is an experience! People should come and see it!”

9th Sep 2017

B S Pradeep Varma (Facebook, Twitter), a film maker from the Kannada Film Industry who has directed Chakori, Urvi and is now working on Marasim, visited TERIFLIX this weekend. He loved it!

He calls upon all film makers to make use of this space for previewing films with their teams. He is sure that he will use TERIFLIX for previewing his next film! We will be very happy to host you and your team Pradeep, whenever you choose to use TERIFLIX.

27th Aug 2017

Arvind Diwakar and Sudheendra are family friends. They came with their whole family to enjoy a private movie and dinner at TERIFLIX.

They watched Gravity from Arvind’s Netflix account, which he recently opened, and were wowed by the quality of audio and video equipment in the auditorium. In the lounge, they enjoyed burgers and soft-drinks ordered on Swiggy.

Here is what they had to say about their Sunday evening at TERIFLIX.

26th Aug 2017

Sudarshan Dharmapuri (Senior Vice President, Product Management @ IMImobile), his wife Anu Rao and family opted for a private movie outing at TERIFLIX this weekend. They all loved the ambience and quality of the audio-video systems at TERIFLIX. While Anu says she loves the privacy offered by TERIFLIX for movies, Sudarshan loves the fact that he can pause, rewind, forward anytime he wants.

He says that TERIFLIX makes Netflix terrific.

20th Aug 2017

Sunder Madakshira, Head of Marketing at Adobe India, thinks that TERIFLIX is a great place for team outings. He calls on team managers to explore this venue. He personally plans to bring his team to TERIFLIX soon.

Rajesh Bhat, an independent film maker, found TERIFLIX a great place for private screening of his movies. He calls upon other independent film makers to use this space for such screenings.

Srivatsala, an entrepreneur and financial consultant, found TERIFLIX excellent. She has scheduled to bring her team on 24th Aug for their team outing.

13th Aug 2017

Friends and family of the TERIFLIX co-founders had the unique opportunity of being the first ones to take a look at TERIFLIX Purple in Girinagar, Bengaluru. After watching a movie, here is what they had to say.