Phahi Kotaprolu's testimonial

Phani is a software professional. He is Associate Vice President – Product Development at Temenos India and also a Passionate Weekend Filmmaker.

Every weekend, he gathers with his group of friends and makes films. They have also made a full length feature film and had got Pawan Kumar to recommend it!!

Phani is so passionate about film-making that he has an entire studio setup at his home – complete with DI, Editing and Mixing equipments.

Recently he screened his short film at TERIFLIX for his friends and friends of friends. He says that screening his film at TERIFLIX allowed him to get far better feedback than uploading it on YouTube and waiting for comments.

"I could never get quality feedback of my films by releasing it on YouTube. But when I preview my films at TERIFLIX, my audience gives me genuine and quality feedback!"
- Phahi Kotaprolu, Passionate Weekend Filmmaker

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