Nihal Rajput, Rishika Sharma & Rajesh Bhat's testimonial

Nihal Rajput is lead actor in the upcoming Kannada film TRUNK. Rishika Sharma is director of the film and Rajesh Bhat has produced the film.

The film has been in the works for the last two years. Its title-teaser, audio and video songs are now out. They are preparing to release the film in March 2018.

They invited a group of film critics and commentators to watch the first copy of their film at TERIFLIX and took feedback. Reviewers have given a thumbs-up and it looks like the film is poised to do great at the box-office.

In this video Nihal, Rishika and Rajesh speak about their film and their experience of the first-ever-screening of the film at TERIFLIX.

"Great visual quality and sound system. TERIFLIX is like our second home. We hosted our poster release at TERIFLIX and now we are previewing our first copy here as well."
- Nihal Rajput, Rishika Sharma & Rajesh Bhat, Actor, Director and Producer of Kannada Film TRUNK

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