Aadithya, Tejaswi, Nanditha, Deepak & Padmashree's testimonial

Indians staying abroad now have TERIFLIX as a new destination in Bangalore, India to spend quality time with friends & family. During the last holiday season we had a lot of customers who rented TERIFLIX to privately enjoy movies with just their chosen folks.

While many insisted on their time at TERIFLIX to be strictly private, a few of our customers gladly agreed to offer their testimonial to us on video.

Listen them share why they find TERIFLIX a great place.

"Very cozy place. I love everything about TERIFLIX, the idea and the implementation. It provides all the good parts of a multiplex experience MINUS all the bad parts of a multiplex experience. Love it."
- Aadithya, Tejaswi, Nanditha, Deepak & Padmashree, NRIs & Indian Film Lovers

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