R. J. Pradeepaa's testimonial

RJ Pradeepaa, whose voice is omnipresent on Radio City and also known bootstrapping Sakkath Studio as a creator and as a platform for original Kannada web-series, recently watched the Kannada short film Rishabha Priya made by RJ Mayur at TERIFLIX.

He says that he had “heard about TERIFLIX a lot from other people” and had always wanted to check it out himself. He says that for people wanting to hangout with their families & friends AND watch a good movie at a far better price point, TERIFLIX is THE place for it.

Listen to him share his take on TERIFLIX in this video.

Thank you RJ Pradeepaa for your kind words.

"I had heard a lot about TERIFLIX. Its a personalized mini-theater for ganging up with friends and really enjoying quality time with them. I love it!"
- R. J. Pradeepaa, Sakkath Studio & Radio City

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