Ramesh Kumar & Jhinuk Chowdhary's testimonial

Mr. Ramesh Kumar is director of Linux Learning Centre, and an ardent film lover who used to be part of film clubs from Suchitra Film Theater, who now also leads Ham Radio community in this part of the world.

Recently Mr. Ramesh Kumar visited TERIFLIX with his wife Jhinuk Chowdhury, who as freelance journalist writes for Huffington Post and Swarajya Magazine among others.

They enjoyed a movie from their Netflix account at TERIFLIX. Both of them had some very nice feedback about TERIFLIX. Thank you Mr. Ramesh Kumar and Ms. Jhinuk Chowdhury for visiting TERIFLIX.

"The audio output here in a sound-proof room is too good. This concept of private cinema is a very unique idea. Superb job I would say!"
- Ramesh Kumar & Jhinuk Chowdhary, Enterpreneurs, Travellers, Art & Film Lovers

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