J Anoop Seelin's testimonial

J Anoop Seelin, the man behind the soulful music of Dayavittu Gamanisi and many others, visited TERIFLIX today. We have never had a guest who evaluated technical aspects of the auditorium as much as Anoop. He examined the location of speakers, the brands we have used, the quality of our amplifier, the quality of acoustic materials used and the amount of echo in the room (a bit of which is required for relishing the cinematic feel of movies). He listened to songs from his recent hit Dayavittu Gamanisi and loved its rendition in TERIFLIX. Listen to him share his excitement about TERIFLIX in this video.

"Its a very high-end theater. I haven't seen anyother place this good in Bengaluru. Its very well designed."
- J Anoop Seelin, Music Composer - Kannada Film Industry

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