Audience of Explore Adaptation For Films with Paddayi - a special event at TERIFLIX

Twelve people bought passes to watch Paddayi, a TuLu film and have a cozy, informal chat with director Abhaya Simha, sound engineer Jamie DSilva, DOP Vishnu and Actor Srinidhi.

People loved the movie and enjoyed the post-screening discussions. Questions ranged from ‘why TuLu?’ to ‘when intimate scenes between husband and wife are screened, how are the actors and set prepared for the same?’. From ‘was this character required for the film?’ to ‘why Macbeth?’

Director Abhaya Simha and his cast & crew took all questions and answered them with honesty and openness. The audience were left with a fantastic experience and also a deep understanding of the film and its making.

"We loved the film and the cozy, informal post-screening discussions with cast and crew. Paddayi is a wonderful film. Director Abhaya Simha and his team have done an outstanding job. We would love to come back for more such events in the future!"
- Audience, 'Explore Adaptation For Films' with Paddayi - a special event at TERIFLIX

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