"To be able to watch Punyakoti with my friends, at my own pace, without any rush and with all the big screen audio & visual experience is really fantastic. "
- Aadithya & Friends, Film Lover
"Films like "The Irishman" have to be watched on the large screen, because film viewing is a community expeirence. It needs a dark room, great sound, great visuals and a knowing that other people in the room are experiencing emotions much the same way as I am. TERIFLIX is a perfect place for such private cinema experiences."
- Rohit Padaki, Director, Kannada Film Industry
"TERIFLIX has set out to build a bridge between audience and the film maker with events like this. As a director I am always curious to know how the audience is reacting to my film and what their perspectives are. TERIFLIX's Indepth Screening is a fantastic event for such interactions."
- P. Sheshadri, Film Director, 9 Time National Award Recipient
"I am proud of my work and have learned a lot from making #Urvi. Come join me at my social screening, watch the film, lets talk about the film and share perspectives."
- B. S. Pradeep Varma, Director - Chakori, Urvi, Marasim & The Fallen
"Totally fun movie. Totally fun evening. Awesome space. Love to come back for more."
- Audience, #SocialScreening
"Loved the experience. Loved the cozy & intimate setup. I have watched this film many times before, but understood it so much better today. Post screening discussions with other people was fantastic!"
- Ulidavaru Kandante Fans, Social Screening Audience
"Watching a film on the large screen, in a proper auditorium - with good acoustics and surround sound, is the best way to not only enjoy the film, but also respect the making process and makers themselves. TERIFLIX is a the perfect place doing that."
- Esteemed Jury, #SMIFA Awards 2019
"TERIFLIX, Paddayi film, its director Abhaya Simha, DOP Vishnu Prasad, the post-screening discussions, the audience ... everything was just fantastic!"
- Audience, Paddayi Special Screening @ TERIFLIX Blue, J. P. Nagar
"Beautiful mini-theater. The sound here impactful. One can easily feel the emotions of the film with this kind of sound and visuals."
- Cast and Crew, Vinashini Kannada Feature Film
"Enjoy theatrical experience of my films on a date & time and with audience of your choice at TERIFLIX!"
- Rakshit Shetty, Famous Actor, Director, Producer from KFI
"Watching Kirik Party here was just like watching it in the theater. But it was also something different, something more. Superb experience. Superb film!"
- Young & Old, One Big Family
"A film like Kal Ho Naa Ho cannot be enjoyed on a mobile phone or laptop. It deserves a large screen experience. It was great watching the film at TERIFLIX. Awesome!"
- Pritesh & friends, SRK Warriors Fan Club
"Places like TERIFLIX are the future for independent cinema. This is a beautiful concept. It has a soul. This is really THE ANSWER for a lot of independent filmmakers."
- Sandeep Mohan, Director and Co-Producer - Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy, Shreelancer, Hola Venky! & Love, Wrinkle-free
"A great place for private screenings. Very cozy. Love the audio & video quality. Love the ambience. There should be atleast 20 more such TERIFLIXes in Bengaluru."
- Srinivas Sribhakta & Ganesh Papanna, Director - Purple Rock Entertainers & Executive Producer of Bhinna (Kannada Film)
"We were wowed by the script itself. But the movie is 100% better. With the cozy & intimate setup at TERIFLIX, along with its excellent audio and visual systems - it was a great experience."
- Soumya Jaganmurthy & Paayal Radhakrishna, Lead Actors of Bhinna, KFI
"Since Jan 2018, I have screened Shuddhi several times to packed houses at TERIFLIX. I am now closing off the year with a preview of my new film Bhinna. The 7.1 sound in my film sounds wow here!"
- Adarsh Eshwarappa, State Award Winning Film Director - Shuddhi, Bhinna
"I watched my favourite episode of Black Mirror here at TERIFLIX. Though I had watched it a few times before at home, the experience here is totally different. TV doesn't do justice. They must be watched at TERIFLIX."
- Shashidhara Srinivasa, Loves quality shows on Netflix, works for Cisco at California, USA
"The surround sound system of TERIFLIX is wow! I feel like just chilling and watching movies here. Well maintained place. They have 2 ACs, which is cool."
- Vineeth and Naser, JordIndian YouTube Channel
"The people at TERIFLIX pay close attention to minute details of film projection to make sure that a film is showcased in the best possible way."
- Shri. Girish KasaravaLLi, Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter & Winner of 13 National Awards
"Its like your private living room with a big screen. Great sound. Great Quality. Very very clean. I would love to come back again and again."
- Vibhinna Ramdev, Shashank Purushottam & Archana Mittal, Friends, Artists, Music and Movie Lovers
"Found out about TERIFLIX from a friend. Did not know how this place was, but I went ahead and made the booking anyway. It's an amazing experience. I recommend everybody to try it out."
- Vidhya Ravoor & Amogh BM, Couple celebrating their special day at TERIFLIX
"I had heard about TERIFLIX, but couldn't make it here before. They have done a fantastic setup here. I would love to come more often here, even though we have more (such facilities elsewhere), because this feels more homely."
- Yateesh Ventatesh, Producer, Kannada Film Industry
"During the last year's film festival they had sent us all the films for us to watch at home. This time they have booked TERIFLIX and are showing us all the films at once. It's a wonderful experience. It doesn't feel like we are watching short films. It feels like we are watching feature films. The projection, sound system and the whole infrastructure is great."
- Jogi, Dayal Padmanabhan, Rohit Padaki and Giridhar Divan, Esteemed Jury of SMEISFF 2018
"We loved the privacy. It was just us and the movie. Great sound, great visuals. Horror films work best when we can enjoy the intense sounds and silence equally. Being a private space, we get to have both. It's a fantastic place to enjoy the film in private!"
- Group of friends & family, #TRUNK movie fans
"We loved the film and the cozy, informal post-screening discussions with cast and crew. Paddayi is a wonderful film. Director Abhaya Simha and his team have done an outstanding job. We would love to come back for more such events in the future!"
- Audience, 'Explore Adaptation For Films' with Paddayi - a special event at TERIFLIX
"Very useful workshop. It has brought out the writer in us. We would love to come back for more."
- Participants, Basic Screenwriting Workshop from director Rohit Padaki
"Its a great place for a small team to gather, watch a film and discuss about it in depth. I only wish that they had slightly more number of seats. But its a good initiative."
- Anand Varadaraj, Former Deputy Director, Bengaluru International Film Festival
"Somewhere I feel that by watching a film at home on a laptop, just for the sake of privacy, we lose out on the 'community experience' of the film. At TERIFLIX you get that and a lil'bit of privacy also. Thats what I love about this place."
- Shruthi Hariharan, Actress - Kannada Film Industry, Winner of Best Actress Award at Filmfare 2017
"At TERIFLIX you have this feel of being at home, but you are also at a theater. Its a great thing. I would surely recommend this."
- Puneeth BA, Founder The Kathe Project, Ideeria, Poster Boy Art Studios and Minimal Movie Posters Kannada
"I like that serious film makers can watch a film here with all seriousness. Otherwise at multiplexes one has to deal with annoying sounds of other people eating popcorn, talking, babies crying and so on. Here at TERIFLIX, its a private space. I would love to watch a film like this."
- RJ Siri, Radio Jockey at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM
"I was able to notice every small detail in my film, something I cannot do elsewhere. The special thing about TERIFLIX is the intimate post-screening discussions one can have in the lounge. I think its very healthy."
- Sanchari Vijay, National Award Winning Actor - Kannada Film Industry
"I am always for people engaging in meaningful discussion about cinema and promoting good ideas. TERIFLIX is great for this! "
- Sunayana Suresh, Deputy Editor, Times Of India
"I could never get quality feedback of my films by releasing it on YouTube. But when I preview my films at TERIFLIX, my audience gives me genuine and quality feedback!"
- Phahi Kotaprolu, Passionate Weekend Filmmaker
"Perfect as a preview theater. Very neatly maintained and technically very good."
- Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah, Producer - Kannada Film Industry
"Love the quality of this theater. I look forward to many more screenings in this place in the near future."
- Sudhir, Distributor of Universal, Paramount Films in addition to Hindi and Telugu Films in Karnataka
"Great visual quality and sound system. TERIFLIX is like our second home. We hosted our poster release at TERIFLIX and now we are previewing our first copy here as well."
- Nihal Rajput, Rishika Sharma & Rajesh Bhat, Actor, Director and Producer of Kannada Film TRUNK
"We get shouted at when we go to other theaters (when we celebrate freely), but here at TERIFLIX nobody bothers us. Its our private space and we can enjoy anyway we want!"
- Group of friends, Celebrating a friend's birthday
"It was a beautiful experience watching my next film with just my family members. The privacy, sound & visual quality is all excellent. I wish TERIFIX comes up with more such spaces. Our industry needs such spaces!"
- Prashanth Raj, Director - Kannada Film Industry
"TERIFLIX is all about private experience. Its a great experience. Come and watch a film at TERIFLIX."
- Raghu Mukherjee, Actor, Kannada Film Industry - Grasim Mr. India (2002) and Mr. International (2002)
"Very cozy place. I love everything about TERIFLIX, the idea and the implementation. It provides all the good parts of a multiplex experience MINUS all the bad parts of a multiplex experience. Love it."
- Aadithya, Tejaswi, Nanditha, Deepak & Padmashree, NRIs & Indian Film Lovers
"Filmmaking is a passion for me. TERIFLIX was of real great help when I wanted a space to screen my first 6-minute short film."
- Sourabh Kulkarni, Media student, short filmmaker and an aspiring feature filmmaker
"I love TERIFLIX for the homely but multiplex experience it provides. Its really very good. It is perhaps one of the best short mini-plex."
- R. J. Mayuraa, RJ at 92.7 BIG FM and an independent filmmaker
"I had heard a lot about TERIFLIX. Its a personalized mini-theater for ganging up with friends and really enjoying quality time with them. I love it!"
- R. J. Pradeepaa, Sakkath Studio & Radio City
"Wonderful cinematographic experience of a movie. To get a real experience of a film, one has to watch it at TERIFLIX."
- P. D. Satish Chandra, Programming Head at Radio Mirchi
"TERIFLIX is a divine space for film lovers."
- Vasishta N Simha, Film Star - Kannada Film Industry
"For film enthusiasts and film lovers, TERIFLIX is a very apt place. I wish they open spaces like this all over the country."
- Ajay Raj, Actor - Kannada Film Industry
"The audio output here in a sound-proof room is too good. This concept of private cinema is a very unique idea. Superb job I would say!"
- Ramesh Kumar & Jhinuk Chowdhary, Enterpreneurs, Travellers, Art & Film Lovers
"It gives a large-theater experience in a mini-theater. TERIFLIX is a terrific experience! Mostly this will be the future."
- Suman Nagarkar, Gurudev Nagaraja & Poornachandra Tejaswi, Film Lovers & Artists
"Its a very high-end theater. I haven't seen anyother place this good in Bengaluru. Its very well designed."
- J Anoop Seelin, Music Composer - Kannada Film Industry
"As a sound engineer, I find the sound output here at TERIFLIX very very good. The ambience is also very good."
- B. R. Naveen Kumar, Sound Engineer, Kannada Film Industry
"Its very rare to find a space like this where you can have a quality screening experience AND a quality lounge space for discussions. Very professional and homely!"
- Rohit Padaki, Director - Dayavittu Gamanisi, Kannada Film Industry
"TERIFLIX turned out to be very useful for showcasing my film to prospective distributors. For the quality we got here, its very cost-effective."
- Madhu Basavaraj, Producer - Days Of Borapura, Kannada Film Industry
"Quality of equipments is very good. Excellent place for private & distributor previews. I am feeling very positive about this place!"
- Krishna Sarthak, Producer - Dayavittu Gamanisi, Kannada Film Industry
"It was definitely one of the best experiences. I think whenever you guys open the next one, we will be the first customers!"
- Shiva Jayagopal, Director at WinVinaya Infosystems
"Its a fantastic experience. Haven't seen it anywhere else. Right from sound effects to picture quality, everything is great!"
- Early Adopter, Film Lovers
"TERIFLIX is not just a box with a screen, it IS an experience. People should come and see it. Every family and filmmaker should connect through TERIFLIX."
- Ravi Shankar, Filmmaker - Punyakoti, India's first crowdfunded Sanskrit animation film
"Every filmmaker should come and experience TERIFLIX. Its an absolutely fantastic place!"
- B. S. Pradeep Varma, Director - Chakori, Urvi, Marasim - Kannada Film Industry