Standard Operating Procedure

Due to COVID19, everybody has to take precautions to ensure personal safety and also safety of those around us.

The government mandates the following rules. We request all our customers to cooperate with us on this. This is for your own safety and for the safety of our staff and other customers. Please do not request for relaxation in any of the norms listed below, because we simply cannot accommodate them.

  1. 50% occupancy: we will only allow as many persons as half the capacity of our auditoriums. Extra persons will not be allowed to enter the premises under any circumstance. This is for your own safety and for the safety of our staff. Please cooperate.
  2. Masks are mandatory. Customers are required to wear their masks at all times within the venue.
  3. Every person entering the venue must provide their complete name and phone number to facilitate contact tracing.
  4. Customers are required to sit only on designated chairs in the auditorium.
  5. Temperature checks at entrance is mandatory. Only asymptomatic persons will be allowed to enter.
  6. Each person entering the venue has to sanitize their hands at the reception.
  7. Aarogya Setu app must be installed on phones of each person entering the premises.
  8. Only one screening slot per day.
  9. Like we have always done, only online payment is accepted. Cash is not accepted.
  10. Consumption of food & beverages within the venue is temporarily prohibited.
  11. AC temperature will be set between 24 & 26 degrees only.