Social Screenings

Launch a social screening and invite your friends to join it, we will too!

At TERIFLIX, you dont have to wait for us to launch a “special” screening of films from our library. You can either book a private screening OR better yet, pick a film from our library, pick one of our venues, pick a date & time, buy/commit one or more of your Social Screening Passes and launch a screening.

We will create a dedicated page on our website for your screening. You and us will both share that with friends, family, co-workers, mailing lists and on WhatsApp groups, to invite people to join. When a minimum quorum joins, the screening gets confirmed.

On the date of the screening, everybody gathers to enjoy a great experience of the film and of each other. Social Screening is a way for you to get together with film-buffs and bond over films.

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Films in our library
Boston - The Documentary
English, 114 minutes
Sanskrit, 85 minutes
Kannda, 116 minutes
Kirik Party
Kannada, 165 minutes
Ulidavaru Kandante
Kannada, 154 minutes
Godhi Banna (GBSM)
Kannada, 144 minutes
Kannada, 126 minutes
Katheyondu Shuruvagide
Kannada, 133 minutes
Kannada, 96 minutes
Kannada, 109 minutes
Mookajjiya Kanasugalu
Kannada, 110 minutes
Kannada, 109 minutes
Kannada, 117 minutes
Humble Politician Nograj
Kannada, 145 minutes
Kannada, 114 minutes
Dayavittu Gamanisi
Kannada, 135 minutes
TuLu, 100 minutes
PuTa Tirugisi Nodi
Kannada, 119 minutes
Kannada, 138 minutes
Days Of Boraprura
Kannada, 134 minutes
Kelavu DinagaLa Nanthara
Kannada, 100 minutes
TuLu, 133 minutes