TuLu film, directed by Shashikanth Gatti & produced by Rajesh Bhat.

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About ShutterduLai


Raajeeva gets trapped along with Bangari, a sex worker, within an empty shop owned by him. The shutter of the shop is locked by his Auto Rikshaw driver friend Damu. Damu doesn't return. What follows becomes an intensely confronting experience for Raajeeva, who ultimately ends up understanding himself and people close to him in a new way.


Language TuLu
Director Shashikanth Gatti
Producer Rajesh Bhat
Music Manikanth Kadri
Cast Jai Jagadeesh, Anitha Bhat
Runtime 133 minutes
Target Audience Parental Guidance for children below the age of 12 years (U/A)
Film format DCP
Subtitles English

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