Paddayi – Special Screening

3rd Aug 2019, Saturday | 4:30 - 8:30 PM at TERIFLIX Blue, J. P. Nagar

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Come watch National Award Winning Tulu Film ‘Paddayi’ (with English subtitles) at the newly launched TERIFLIX Blue, J. P. Nagar and engage in an insightful conversation with Director Abhaya Simha after the screening. This event would be more than just watching the film. It would be an excellent opportunity to dive into minute details of filmmaking in general and this film in particular. It will also be an opportunity to celebrate the story of the journey of this national award winning film and its makers.

TERIFLIX Blue, J. P. Nagar is excellent for ‘experiencing’ this film!

Produced by Nithyananda Pai Karkala and directed by award-winning director Abhaya Simha from Mangaluru, the film is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It is the first Tulu film produced using sync sound technology and the first Tulu film to be inspired by Shakespeare’s work. Watch the trailer below:

The Docskool, South Asian script lab in Nepal, picked up the script of Paddayi for its workshop. The film was shot in 21 days between August and October last in Mangaluru region. Many theatre artists who were graduates of Ninasam of Heggodu have acted in the film, in addition to actors from Mangaluru.

The film was also chosen for screening in several International Film Festivals in New York, Austria, Australia, France and in India. For the first time in the history of Coastalwood, a film’s production and screenplay was brought out in a book (in Kannada).

Come to enjoy this tale of aspirations, desire and twisted ambitions! Here are some comments from celebrities who have already watched the film.

"This is my first TuLu film. Really loved it. Direction is simply fantastic. Its also interesting to note that the music in the film retains nativity while at the same time carry a western-touch."
- Radhika Chetan, Actor, Kannada Film Industry
"This movie has gripped me deeply. Several people have brought Macbeth to films, to theatre. But this movie offers a take on Macbeth by fully localising it. Great performances. What really touched me was how masterfully the predicament in each of the characters minds is shown. Amazing!"
- Jayanth KaykiNi, Writer
"The movie is of course technically very good. Performances are great. But beyond all that, I love that it is made in TuLu and captures a lot of local culture and beauty of TuLuNaDu. That's what makes this movie special for me."
- Achyutha Kumar, Actor, Kannada Film Industry
"The movie beautifully showcases the battle between internal conscience and external realities faced by each of its characters. It does this job so well that we all can relate to it profoundly. This movie deserves not just a national award but several international awards as well."
- Vinaya Prasad, Actor, Kannada Film Industry
"Paddayi is among the best TuLu and Kannada films that I have watched. No wonder it has won a National Award. I congratulate and applaud Abhaya Simha (director) for making this film. I wish him and everybody in this film the very best."
- Raj B. Shetty, Film Maker, Actor - Kannada Film Industry
"We loved the film and the cozy, informal post-screening discussions with cast and crew. Paddayi is a wonderful film. Director Abhaya Simha and his team have done an outstanding job. We would love to come back for more such events in the future!"
- Audience, 'Explore Adaptation For Films' with Paddayi - a special event at TERIFLIX
"TERIFLIX, Paddayi film, its director Abhaya Simha, DOP Vishnu Prasad, the post-screening discussions, the audience ... everything was just fantastic!"
- Audience, Paddayi Special Screening @ TERIFLIX Blue, J. P. Nagar


PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 years or older to attend this event. Children are not allowed.

Event Organizer

This event is organized by TERIFLIX is Association With Abhaya Simha.


"TERIFLIX, Paddayi film, its director Abhaya Simha, DOP Vishnu Prasad, the post-screening discussions, the audience ... everything was just fantastic!"
- Audience, Paddayi Special Screening @ TERIFLIX Blue, J. P. Nagar

Cancellation Policy

Even though registration to the event is free, you have to register. Once registered, if you find yourself unable to attend the event for some reason, please let us know via email atleast 4 days before the event. We can make available the passes for someone else.


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