TERIFLIX Cinephile Club

₹ 12,990.00₹ 38,970.00

Enroll into our Cinephile Club program and save up to 42% on rentals.



By enrolling into our Cinephile Club program, you can avail attractive hourly rates against bulk rentals. Becoming a Cinephile Club member is especially useful if you are a filmmaker who wants to host several private shows of your own movie at TERIFLIX, or if you are an employer who wants to gift the TERIFLIX experience to several teams at your company, or if you are keen on binge watching one or more seasons of your favourite TV show from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.


Once you complete the payment for a Cinephile Club plan, we will send you a TERIFLIX Cinephile Club card within the next 1 business day(s) via email. This card will contain a coupon code that you can use against your future rentals of TERIFLIX Purple or TERIFLIX Purple for Filmmakers. The coupon code will automatically expire after its validity period OR after you have consumed allocated number of hours against that plan.

NOTE: TERIFLIX reserves the right to change price for this product at any time.

Please note:: No cancellations or refunds shall be considered for payments made against this product. Bookings done (or confirmed) using Cinephile Club cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.