Operation Alamelamma

Operation Alamelamma

Kannada film, directed by Suni & produced by Suni, Amrej Suryavanshi.

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About Operation Alamelamma


  • Operation Alamelamma is a crime comedy feature film.The film has been written and directed by Suni with Rishi (Purmy) and Shraddha Srinath (Ananya) as its protagonists. The story revolves around Purmy whose life turns upside down when he is arrested by the police one morning for picking a bag lying on the street. The bag has a ransom money asked by the kidnappers who have abducted John, a school boy whose father is a wealthy businessman. The movie moves swiftly between Purmy's present and past. A present in which he tries to explain clumsily that he is innocent and has nothing to do with the kidnapping and the past which reveals details about his day to day life that has beautiful romance with Ananya in its core.The investigation intensifies with various plot twists as the police suspect everyone including their own kin.


Language Kannada
Director Suni
Producer Suni, Amrej Suryavanshi
Music Judah Sandhy
Cast Shraddha Srinath, Rishi, Rajesh Nataranga
Crew Abhishek Kasargod, Sachin
Runtime 138 minutes
Target Audience Don't know
Film format DCP

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