TERIFLIX offers more value for less price

TERIFLIX offers on hourly rent, an “IMAX Like” mini theatre & lounge where you can watch from your Netflix or Amazon PrimeVideo account, any movie or TV show you want, privately with your friends and family.

  • Our current rental, for both mini-theater & lounge, is ₹1299 per-hour.
  • The rental remains same irrespective of whether you come alone OR as a group of 18 people.
    • We do not fill empty seats during your booking. Who and how many people you choose to come with is entirely up to you! Ofcourse, we don’t allow more than 18 people into the venue at once.
  • You can watch any movie or TV show you want from your Netflix or Amazon PrimeVideo account. We intend to allow access to other streaming media service providers soon.

Price contrast with multiplexes

Assuming that you are using only 13 of the 18 seats available at TERIFLIX, you can appreciate the price contrast with multiplexes as shown below.

But you cant put a price on some of the things we offer. They say, the best things in life are free!

  • the comfort of private space – no distractions from unwanted strangers
  • the luxury of choosing your own audience
  • the advantage of having a remote control to pause, rewind, forward etc.
  • the ability to watch TV shows and documentaries that may never hit the theaters in all their grandness
  • the chance to relive the splendour of hit movies that are no longer running in theaters

Clearly TERIFLIX offers superior value at 33% savings.

Save even more with Cinephile Club

You can invest in TERIFLIX Cinephile Club plans and acquire severals in advance, thereby saving even further on per-hour rentals. For instance you can sign up for TERIFLIX Cinephile Club Premium plan and get 39 hours for the price of 30, thereby optimising your hourly rental spend to as low as ₹ 749.

Signing up for Cinephile Club is especially useful if you plan to watch an entire season of a show with a select group of friends.

Price contrast with custom home theater @ your home

To build TERIFLIX quality theater at home, it will cost you north of ₹20,00,000.

While it is true that you can install a home theater for much less, however you may have to compromise on sound and sacrifice Dolby Atmos, or on projector (by going for a low-contrast ratio projector), or on acoustics, ambience and seating. Besides it is a real challenge for most us to dedicate a room for home theater.

Come to think about it: why spend ₹ 20,00,000 all at once, when you can experience TERIFLIX now for ₹1299 an hour?