How will I know if people are joining the Social Screening that I have launched?

As soon as you launch a Social Screening, you will receive an email stating that your Social Screening is launched, and that a specific number of people are required for the screening to be confirmed.

When someone joins your Social Screening, in addition to that someone, you also will be informed via email. Subsequently, as and when more people join the screening, you and everyone who has joined the screening will be informed via email. Please note, your email id will not be shared with any of the other members who join the screening. Nor will we share other member’s email ids with you.

In all these emails, the name of the person who launched the Social Screening is prominently stated, along with a their welcome note if any. Apart from this, these emails shall only state how many people have joined the screening so far, and how many more are required for the screening to be confirmed. No other personally identifiable information is included as part of this email.