Kannda film, directed by Roopa Gururaja Rao & produced by Roopa Gururaja Rao, Sahadev Kelvadi.

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About Gantumoote


A simple yet an intense high school drama set in the 1990's of Bangalore, story of a 16 year old girl and her struggles with understanding herself and the ever-changing world around, her journey from a world that she thinks exists just like in the movies she saw (like any other Indian girl of 90's) to the actual world that unravels to her. A relatable pressure of education, childhood traumas, bullying, competition over marks and love interests, all of this wrapped in a transcending journey of first love.


Language Kannda
Director Roopa Gururaja Rao
Producer Roopa Gururaja Rao, Sahadev Kelvadi
Music Aparajith Sris
Cast Teju Belawadi, Nischith Korodi, Sharath Gowda, Sri Ranga Kothur, Ram Manjjonaath, Surya Vasishta
Crew Sahadev Kelvadi, Pradeep Nayak
Runtime 116 minutes
Target Audience Restricted to Adults (A)
Film format DCP
Subtitles English

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