TERIFLIX is just the perfect space for filmmakers

As a filmmaker, you need a high-quality digital theater to screen your content during several points in time in your film-making journey, especially during post-production and marketing.

Why should you be forced to rent an expensive 100 seat theater, to screen your movie to a small audience like potential distributors, members of the press, movie critics or members of censor board?

Why should you be constrained by budget when you need to watch your movie on the large screen during post-production?

Why should you spend a lot of money on a private screening of your movie, especially when you want to host a small audience? 

As a filmmaker (short and feature), you might have asked these questions several times.

You will find TERIFLIX to be an invaluable asset in your movie production journey. TERIFLIX is a private space that is perfect for filmmakers and their team.

What the video below to know what some of the known filmmakers are saying about TERIFLIX:

TERIFLIX understands your needs – completely

We support DCP format, in addition to MP4 and MOV formats. You can screen your movies in Full HD and leverage Dolby Atmos. (NOTE: The disks in which you fetch your content have to be in NTFS or exFAT file system format only and must support USB3.)

We intend to ensure that there is zero scope for piracy of your content. We know that your content is invaluable to you. We entertain filmmakers only through proper reference checks. We request documentation which only the rightful owner of the content can easily provide (see rental procedure below). We also help you to ensure that you physically delete your content from our servers before you leave.

TERIFLIX intends to be your partner in your film-making journey.

How to rent TERIFLIX?

As a filmmaker, there are three simple steps to rent TERIFLIX:

  1. Rent TERIFLIX for screening of your mini, short or feature film by visiting this page and complete paying the amount.
  2. Once you receive payment confirmation email from us, we shall get in touch with you via email and/or phone to
    1. request for documentation to verify permissions for screening of the content.
    2. reschedule your screening date, if its not available
  3. Once permissions are verified and your screening date is confirmed, we shall send you another confirmation email.
  4. Incase we are unable to verify permissions OR if your date(s) of choice is not available, then we shall either
    1. refund the rental amount (minus any internet transaction charges levied by the payment gateway) — OR —
    2. issue a gift card for the rental amount for use against a future rental.

If you are planning to host several shows of your film at TERIFLIX, we also offer TERIFLIX Cinephile Club plans to help you rent in bulk and save even further on hourly rentals.

Documents required….and Why?

You see, it is simple and easy for TERIFLIX to stay focused on revenues, and not worry about content copyright and ownership. In fact, validating content copyright is additional cost to us. So, why bother, right?

Because, integrity is way more important to us than profitability. We will not allow pirated content into TERIFLIX, nor will we allow your content to be pirated at TERIFLIX.

Please help us protect your content from piracy. We request you to furnish the following documents:

  1. ID Proof of the content owner: Any govt. approved ID. Copy of your Aadhar, passport, driver’s license, Voter ID Card or PAN card
  2. Proof of Content Ownership: Any document that adequately and beyond doubt establishes the ownership of the content. For example, KFCC Registration, Censor Certificate or a self-attested declaration (on official letterhead if applicable)
  3. Declaration of Content Format & Storage Device:  A declaration about the content format (like DCP, MOV, MP4) and the Storage Device (like Pen Drive, External Hard Drive, BluRay Disk) duly signed by the content owner (on official letterhead where applicable).

The following two additional documents are required only if the person renting TERIFLIX is different from the content owner, and the content owner is not likely to be present at TERIFLIX during the screening

  1. ID Proof of the person renting TERIFLIX: Any govt. approved ID. Copy of your Aadhar, passport, driver’s license, Voter ID Card or PAN card
  2. NOC A “no objection letter” from the content owner (on official letterhead where applicable).

As you notice, only a genuine owner of the content will be able to furnish all the above documents.

At your screening

When you arrive at TERIFLIX for screening your content, we will support you with docking your storage device into our equipment. We will ensure that your content is playing to its fullest possible potential.

At the end of your rental duration, we will again support you in ensuring that you have personally erased your content from TERIFLIX equipment(s).

So, what are you waiting for? Welcome to TERIFLIX! Let us be your partner in your film-making journey.

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Copyrighted Content at TERIFLIX FAQ

Most definitely. We welcome all kinds of filmmakers - full length feature film, short film, music videos, corporate videos, wedding videos.

We encourage filmmakers to screen their own copyrighted content at TERIFLIX. Don't worry, your content is safe and secure. We have taken adequate measures to prevent piracy at TERIFLIX. Learn more...
TERIFLIX is a great partner for filmmakers. At a minimum, we see the following reasons why filmmakers will partner with TERIFLIX:
  1. To preview their movie at several points in time during post-production like, after CG, after DI, after sound mixing, for teaser release, for poster release and so on.
  2. To screen their movie to select audience like potential distributors, movie critics, members of press, and so on, while marketing their movie.
  3. To have private screening of their movie with VIPs like politicians, movie stars, etc.
There are countless reasons for a filmmaker to select TERIFLIX as their partner.
Integrity is way more important to us than profitability. We will not allow pirated content into TERIFLIX, nor will we allow your content to be pirated at TERIFLIX. We have instituted the following measures to prevent piracy at TERIFLIX.
  1. When a filmmaker intends to rent TERIFLIX for their first time, we undertake reference checks, through our network of filmmakers, before renting out TERIFLIX to him/her.
  2. We request documentation from the filmmaker to ensure that no one else is trying to pirate / misuse copyrighted content. Only genuine filmmakers will have the documents we request. Pirates will not.
  3. Non-filmmaker customers can only watch content from their own streaming media accounts (Netflix and Amazon PrimeVideo). They are not allowed to play content from DVD, BluRay, External HardDrive, USB Drives, or any other external source.
These measures will encourage genuine filmmakers, and at the same time, keep out pirates. If you have any feedback about other ideas in this context, please write to us at feedback@teriflix.com
We welcome genuine filmmakers like you to TERIFLIX. We intend to keep pirates away from TERIFLIX. Only genuine filmmakers like you will have all the documents that we request. Please read all about the documents we request here...
TERIFLIX supports and recommends DCP format. We also support MOV and MP4 formats.
We welcome genuine filmmakers like you to TERIFLIX.
br> Please read all about how to rent TERIFLIX here...
Sure! We appreciate your choice of using TERIFLIX for screening several shows of your film. We would want you to get a really good deal in return.

You can invest in any of the TERIFLIX Cinephile Club plans and optimise on hourly rentals.

For example, by signing up for the TERIFLIX Cinephile Club Premium Plan, you can optimise your hourly rental spend to as low as ₹749 per hour!