Days Of Boraprura

Days Of Boraprura

Kannada film, directed by Adithya Kunigal & produced by Nam Talkies - Madhu A B and Ajit Kumar Gaddi.

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About Days Of Boraprura


In a remote village of BORAPURA, situated in Southern Karnataka, people live content and satisfied with their modest yet sufficient lifestyle. They are poor but not greedy, they are simple but not ordinary.


Language Kannada
Director Adithya Kunigal
Producer Nam Talkies - Madhu A B and Ajit Kumar Gaddi
Music Vivek Chakravarthi
Cast Prashanth, Surya Siddharth, Anita Bhat, Amita Ranganath, Prakruthy, Dinesh Mangalore, Shafi
Crew Savaranan G N
Runtime 134 minutes
Target Audience Parental Guidance for children below the age of 12 years (U/A)
Film format DCP

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