What are Special Events?

From time to time, TERIFLIX collaborates with external third parties to organize an event. You can buy passes to participate in such events.

For instance, TERIFLIX collaborates with the makers of an acclaimed movie to screen the movie in TERIFLIX as part of our In Depth Screening event. You will not only experience the movie at TERIFLIX, but after the screening, you will get to have an up, close and personal interaction with the makers of the movie.

Another example of a Special Event: Acclaimed Kannada Director, Rohit Padaki, conducts screen-writing workshop at TERIFLIX. If you are interested in learning from the best, you may purchase passes for the event from our website.

Likewise, we collaborate with popular hosts to organize talk shows with celebrities. You may have an opportunity to participate in the event. Not only will you get a chance to observe talk show being filmed live, you will also have an opportunity to meet the celebs, and get some selfies with them.

The above are just examples of special events. TERIFLIX will organize such events from time to time.

I am filmmaker and I wish to screen my own movie. What documents do I need to submit if I wish to rent TERIFLIX?

It is simple and easy for TERIFLIX to stay focused on revenues, and not worry about content copyright and ownership. In fact, validating content copyright is an additional cost to us. So, why bother, right? Because integrity is way more important to us than profitability.

We will not allow pirated content into TERIFLIX, nor will we allow your content to be pirated at TERIFLIX. Please help us protect your content from piracy. We request you to furnish the following documents:

  • ID Proof of the content owner: Any govt. approved ID. Copy of your Aadhar, passport, driver’s license, Voter ID Card or PAN card
  • Proof of Content Ownership: Any document that adequately and beyond doubt establishes the ownership of the content. For example, KFCC Registration, Censor Certificate or a self-attested declaration (on official letterhead if applicable)
  • Declaration of Content Format & Storage Device: A declaration about the content format (like DCP, MOV, MP4) and the Storage Device (like Pen Drive, External Hard Drive, BluRay Disk) duly signed by the content owner (on official letterhead where applicable).

The following two additional documents are required only if the person renting TERIFLIX is different from the content owner, and the content owner is not likely to be present at TERIFLIX during the screening

  • ID Proof of the person renting TERIFLIX: Any govt. approved ID. Copy of your Aadhar, passport, driver’s license, Voter ID Card or PAN card
  • NOC: A “no objection letter” from the content owner (on official letterhead where applicable).

As you notice, only a genuine owner of the content will be able to furnish all the above documents. We welcome genuine filmmakers like you to TERIFLIX. We intend to keep pirates away from TERIFLIX.

Suppose I plan to purchase Netflix Subscription, what kind of subscription plan should I sign-up for?

Netflix currently offers Basic, Standard and Premium plans. For best experience at TERIFLIX, to be able to enjoy Dolby Atmos audio and Full HD video at TERIFLIX. we highly recommend that you signup for Standard or Premium plans.

For more information about plans, please visit https://www.netflix.com/signup/planform

Currently, Netflix offers one month subscription free when you sign up for the first time. To sign up you will need the an active email ID and an active credit card.

Netflix requires you to provide your credit card number. However, they only charge your credit card after your one month free subscription expires. If you decide to not continue with them, you can simply cancel your subscription. Please read their “Terms Of Use” before signing up for a subscription plan.

Do you have any business arrangement with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

TERIFLIX does NOT have any business arrangement with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or any other streaming media provider supported at TERIFLIX.

We are not authorised by any streaming media provider to collect subscription charges from its users on their behalf. All of the payment from you to us is only towards renting our premises & the equipment. No part of that payment is towards subscription charges to any of the streaming media providers on your behalf or otherwise.