Kannada film, directed by P Sheshadri & produced by Mithra Chithra.

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About Atithi


What happens when two people, who follow different ideologies in life, are forced to share the same roof? A wounded terrorist and his men make the home of a doctor their temporary base for a few days in this 2001 National Award Winning film from director P. Sheshadri, starring Prakash Raj. This film was eventually remade in Hindi as Red Corridor.


Language Kannada
Director P Sheshadri
Producer Mithra Chithra
Music V Manohar
Cast Prakash Raj, H. G. Dattatreya, Baby Raksha, Lakshmi Chandrashekhar, Dinesh Mangalore, Ramesh Pandit
Crew Chandru, B S Kemparaju
Runtime 96 minutes
Target Audience Unrestricted (U)
Film format BLURAY
Subtitles None

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