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At TERIFLIX you can enjoy large screen experience of your films with small groups of people.

Mini Theater
10 – 20 seats only
Stunning Quality
Large Screen, Dolby Atmos Sound
Watch with small groups of people
Privacy & Freedom
Private Lounge, Bring your own food

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How do you want to TERIFLIX today?

Private Screening
Enjoy private screening of movies from our library with just the people you bring along with you.
Private Streaming
Enjoy theatrical experience of films from your streaming media accounts, privately with your friends & family.
Venue Rentals
Rent TERIFLIX for screening your own short or feature films for audiences of your choice.
Special Events
Register for special screenings, workshops, talks, interviews and round-tables hosted at TERIFLIX.

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Media & Customer Testimonials


"Since Jan 2018, I have screened Shuddhi several times to packed houses at TERIFLIX. I am now closing off the year with a preview of my new film Bhinna. The 7.1 sound in my film sounds wow here!"
- Adarsh Eshwarappa, State Award Winning Film Director - Shuddhi, Bhinna
"I watched my favourite episode of Black Mirror here at TERIFLIX. Though I had watched it a few times before at home, the experience here is totally different. TV doesn't do justice. They must be watched at TERIFLIX."
- Shashidhara Srinivasa, Loves quality shows on Netflix, works for Cisco at California, USA