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At TERIFLIX you can enjoy a large screen experience of your films with small groups of people.

Mini Theater
10 – 20 seats only
Stunning Quality
Large Screen, Dolby Atmos Sound
Watch with small groups of people
Privacy & Freedom
Private Lounge, Bring your own food

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How do you want to TERIFLIX today?

Private Screening
Enjoy private screening of movies from our library with just the people you bring along with you.
Private Streaming
Enjoy a theatrial experience of films from your streaming media accounts, privately with your friends & family.
Venue Rentals
Rent TERIFLIX for screening your own short or feature films for audiences of your choice.
Special Events
Register for special screenings, workshops, talks, interviews and round-tables hosted at TERIFLIX.

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Media & Customer Testimonials


"Its a great place for a small team to gather, watch a film and discuss about it in depth. I only wish that they had slightly more number of seats. But its a good initiative."
- Anand Varadaraj, Former Deputy Director, Bengaluru International Film Festival
"Somewhere I feel that by watching a film at home on a laptop, just for the sake of privacy, we lose out on the 'community experience' of the film. At TERIFLIX you get that and a lil'bit of privacy also. Thats what I love about this place."
- Shruthi Hariharan, Actress - Kannada Film Industry, Winner of Best Actress Award at Filmfare 2017